The Intruder Intrude Your heart

The Intruder Intrude Your heart

Not all man really use a masturbation in their daily life. Even though most feel better after using such a device. Someone said that if he uses a masturbation device, he will have to find it, and it’s usually buried deep under his bed. After the thing is done, many people feel bored of cleaning the device, which was regarded as a disturbance to their enjoyment. However, the bad impression will be changed after you try the Lurevibe Intruder 1.0 and Lurevibe Intruder 2.0.


So if there are celebration occasions that give you a hand-free experience as well as just pay you several minutes to clean up the tool, it will bring a big deal for the manufacturers who product relevant devices. Of course, the ones who enjoy the happiness directly is those users paying for them.


When you receive the Lurevibe Intruder 1.0, you’ll be satisfied with its appearance and texture, which is designed to suit organ structure and made of skin-friendly materials. With 3-in-1 stimulation designs, it provides 10 vibration modes, 10 thrusting modes and 4 suction modes. In the mixed modes, it brings ultra-realistic sexual experience. You can keep press the button to shift different mode. Slather up with lots of a favourite water-based lube, and you’re good to go! When you are during the process, the inner sleeve of this device, which is soft, realistic, stretchy and skin-friendly, and the imitated voice from the earphone can push you to the imaginable heaven. When you finish the deed, you just need to detach the channel and rinse it under the tap and use a clean towel to dry the water droplets. It will be better if you use the warm water. That’s all. Assemble it and replace it to the suitable corner. We believe you will look forward to the next time.


Compared with the version of 1.0, the 2.0 has more humanistic design based on all the function mentioned above. In the power-on state, you can choose one mode, and rotate the button clockwise to speed up, and rotate counterclockwise to speed down, which is easier and quicker to turn to the pattern and frequency that you want. You can rotate button to start the storm mode, and the climax moment is under your control. What’s more, including 4 levels of suction and 10 vibrating and thrusting pattern, the latter provides higher frequency and stronger power, which will give you more wonderful moment and realistic experience. Additionally, there are two extra gift for you, the intelligent voice and heating functions. These will make you gain realistic experience and release yourself completely.                                               


There’s no question that Lurevibe Intruders do what they’re supposed to do. They feel good. They are easy to clean. They are not noisy or scary looking, so you can use one and enjoy yourself after closing the door. In theory, you could use one of them daily with little upkeep. That’s why we recommend the two Intruders to you.