The Comparation between Two Generations of Aeroplane Cup

The Comparation between Two Generations of Aeroplane Cup

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The aeroplane cup is a prop in the male portable masturbation category. It is one of the top 10 most popular male adult products in the world. The correct use of the aeroplane cup does not transmit disease. It is one of the sensible ways to release their desire without violating the law or social morals.

Our website Lurevibe presents a cost-effective aeroplane cup that is highly popular among consumers. Based on the feedback collected from users, we have improved the design of the product and produced an upgraded version. Here, we will compare the similarities and differences between the first and second generation of this aeroplane cup ——Dragon Suction Trainer Male Cup Ⅰ & Dragon Suction Trainer Male Cup Ⅱ.

Similarities are showed as below.


Their inner tanks all meet the IPX7 waterproof level. When cleaning, just take out the white silica gel and wash it with clean water. Never immerse the entire body in water.

2.Charging Methods
They both supports multiple charging methods, including by computer, USB, rechargeable battery and charger.

They both use silicone material, which are soft, comfortable and friendly to your skin when they are used.

They can be used to train penis and vibrate massage. Both of them can train your penis with this delicate masturbator and make the penis erection more durable and lasting.

5.Automatic Control
When you tap the mouth button,they can automatically turn on cycle sucking and exhaust functions. When you tap again, they will switch to 7 sucking modes. What’s worthy to be noted is that both of them can only be continuously sucked when the mouth is completely sealed.

6. Colour
There are various colours available, such as black, blue and purple. You can choose whichever colour you prefer.

They both has one synchronising motor that powers the vibration and sucking functions. That means there are only 50 db’s noise produced. This allows your ”me time” privately, in peace and quiet. This is far superior to other items on the market that utilise two separate motors, creating much more noise.

Differences are showed as below.


The size of the first generation is 7.6 cm*17 cm and the second generation is 7.6 cm*20.7 cm.


The weight of the first generation product is 270 g. The weight of the second generation product is 363 g.


The first generation offers two modes, including 7-frequency vibration and 7-frequency sucking. The second generation offers three modes, including 7-frequency vibration, 7-frequency sucking and 7 licking mode. The first generation products are cost effective and meet the basic needs of consumers. The second generation has a full range of functions and a more user-friendly design to meet more needs of consumers.