Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug
Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug
Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug
Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug
Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug
Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug

Octopus Tentacle Liquid-silicone Anal Plug

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Material: liquid silicone

Large size: length 23cm. can fit 21cm. diameter: 1.5cm-7.3cm weight: 493g

Small size: length 18.2cm. can fit 16.2cm. diameter: 1.6cm-5.5cm weight: 280g

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